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John C. Waugh, book and film projects


Unforgettables: Some Winners, Losers, Strong Women, and Eccentric Men of the Civil War Era

A random collection of stories, opinions, and profiles of figures and events that have particularly fascinated me as I have traveled back daily to the nineteenth century to revisit that monumental time and its extraordinary people. Don’t hold your breath just yet

The War of Two Brothers

A book of fiction for young adults of all ages being co-written by Jack and his writer-daughter Eliza Skye Waugh. It is underway, but don’t hold your breath here yet, either.


The Class of 1846

There have been two different attempts to turn Jack’s The Class of 1846 into a series on a major TV network, one with MGM. Both have tanked for one reason or another, which is a  common scenario  in the film industry. We are waiting for the next offer, but definitely don’t hold your breath on this one.